Game material for players and inventors

No game without game material. We offer a wide range of game pieces, dice and accessories for storage and organization. Regardless of whether games need to be completed or upgraded or whether completely new games need to be developed – we are there. For inventors and authors. For developers and players. For everyone who loves games.

Play figures and accessories for The Settlers

A simple idea that created the game The Settlers has now become an entire gaming world of expansions, additions and modifications. In order to further increase the flair of the game and thus make the time together even more valuable, accessories and suitable game material such as storage boxes, card and figure holders, wooden figures in special colors and innovative stickers ensure even more fun.

Carcassonne - games and accessories

In addition to the original Carcassonne base game, there are now many expansions, spin-offs and modifications to the placement game. The numerous mini-expansions also ensure that you never get bored. High-quality fabric bags and innovative inlays provide better storage and organization. Meeples and other wooden figures in special colors provide even more choice and variety in the game.


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